How to Download Images?

Warning! Using your browser's copy or save function is not the same as downloading an image. If you copy or save an image using your browser, you will end up with an inferior low resolution image not the actual image file I produced for you. You must use the Download Arrow ↓ on the image to receive the high resolution file.

How to download an individual image?

If using a computer or laptop, click or mouse over the image and look for the download arrow ↓ at the bottom right corner of the image. Click on the download arrow to save the file to your computer. If using a phone or tablet device, tap on the image once and look for the download arrow ↓ at the bottom right corner of the image. Tap on the download arrow. (DO NOT tap and hold on the image. If you tap and hold the image, you will not be downloading a high resolution image. In fact, you will be copying a very low resolution internet browser image NOT the actual high resolution file that I produced for you. If you do not see a download arrow ↓ on the image, please contact me ASAP!

How to download a gallery of images?

To download a gallery of images, open the gallery by clicking or tapping on it. Look for the download all arrow ↓ at the top right corner of the gallery. Click or tap on the download all arrow. Enter your email address. A SmugMug administrator will prepare a folder with all of your image files and send a download link to your email address within 10-15 minutes. Click on that link and save the folder and files to your storage device.

If you have any difficulty downloading your images contact me ASAP!