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The images in the galleries below are proofs intended for commercial use.  Please review the proofs but do not share on social media or print advertising.  I will retouch selected images that you will be able to share on social media and print advertising.  As you review the proofs, please send me screenshots or filenames of your favorite images and I'll add them to my selections for retouching.

Chris Seetaram

Published in September 2020 issue of Crowns Magazine.

Retouched Photos Selected by Models, Photographer, and French Novelty

French Novelty Collaborative Photoshoot

Abiding Light Photography by Chris Seetaram (904) 894-7686

Date: Saturday September 19th, 2020


Makenzie Pickett -- Former Miss Florida American Teen

Katlin Franklin -- Miss National American Jr. Teen


10:00 - 11:00 AM    Meet at French Novelty for fitting

11:00 - 02:00 PM    Hair and Makeup Time

02:00 - 05:00 PM    Photo shoot

Please take photos and videos of your experience and post in your stories throughout the day.

Size 0-2 dresses we may use if available and fit well can be found on my French Novelty Pinterest Board.  Our point of contact at French Novelty is Neesh Jones.

Tentative Shots List

Pink outfits for breast cancer awareness month

Black/Animal Print outfits and Masks for Halloween

Black Outfits for New Year's Eve

Mrs Claus Outfits for Christmas

Yellow/Emerald outfits for Spring Easter

Red Outfit for Valentine's Day

Overall outcome depends on outfit availability.

What to Bring?

Bring your sash, crown, heels, retouching powder, extra eyelashes, and a variety of earrings.

Bring a Black Mask like this one on Amazon.

Bring a Mrs. Claus outfit like this one on Amazon.

If needed, I can order your size and you can reimburse me on the day of the shoot.

Hair and Makeup Notes

Please use a full coverage matte foundation and an under eye concealer 1 Shade lighter than your foundation.  Do your nails neutral and whiten teeth.  Use an over the counter teeth whitener as needed. A makeup guide can be found at the here.  The password is vault.

Addresses / Google Maps

The address to French Novelty is  3520-4 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210 and can be found on this Google Map.

The address for your photo shoot  is 7545 Scarlet Ibis Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32256 and can be found on this Google Map.

Parking Rules

7545 Scarlet Ibis Lane is a private residence in a gated community. Please obey all the traffic signs within the community. Please park on the driveway of 7545 Scarlet Ibis Lane. Do not park on the street. Do not park on any other driveway. If the driveway of 7545 is unavailable, please park in any of the guest parking lots throughout the community and walk to 7545.  A quick 2 minute drop off or pickup is allowed.  Park and wait on the street is not allowed.

Covid Mitigation / Control

Due to the Covid pandemic, we can only allow one parent and one child group into the studio at a time.  There are 2 of you.  So, both of your parents can stay.  Everyone but the queens must wear a mask.   Surfaces will be sanitized before you arrive.

After the Shoot Notes

We'll all select the best photos and I will retouch them. 

After you receive your retouched photos, you must share an image or 2 once a week for 2 to 3 weeks.  Do not alter the photos with filters etc.  If you're unhappy with anything, let me know and I'll fix it. 

Each time you share, please tag abidinglight and French Novelty and anyone you want like the designer.  However, do Not tag your pageant unless they give you permission.  French Novelty will do the same for us and I'll do the same for everyone whenever I share these photos on social media.

If any of your images gets published in a magazine, tag the magazine after the image is published.

If you need anything ready for print, reach out to me and I'll size the image to your specifications.


Chris 904-894-7686