Retouched For Crowns Magazine

Pageant Photoshoot by Chris Seetaram (904) 894 7686

Date: October 10th, 2020

Time: 12 Noon


7545 Scarlet Ibis Lane Jacksonville FL 32256.  Google Map

Please message me when you are on your way over to my address.

Hair and Makeup

Please arrive with your hair and makeup ready to shoot.  If you want to do professional hair and makeup, I recommend Kirby Keller.  Her number is 904 708 2089

If you want to do your own hair and makeup, please follow this Makeup Guide.  The password is vault. 

What to Bring?

I'll be using this Pinterest Board to organize and design your shoot.  You can do something similar to plan your looks.

Bring your outfits, sash, crown, long earrings, extra eyelashes, lipstick, retouching powder, heels and comfortable shoes.

Parking Rule

7545 Scarlet Ibis Lane is a private residence in a gated community. Please obey all the traffic signs within the community. Please park on the driveway of 7545 Scarlet Ibis Lane. Do not park on the street. Do not park on any other driveway.

Covid Mitigation / Control

Due to the Covid pandemic, I can only allow one parent and child group into the studio at a time.  Everyone but the queen must wear a mask. Surfaces will be sanitized before you arrive. Your entire shoot will not be longer than two hours.  If you start feeling ill, please reschedule your shoot.

What to Expect?

After the shoot, I will upload all of your photos to galleries on this page.