How to Download Your Images?

Warning!  Using your browser's copy or save function is not the same as downloading an image.  If you copy or save an image using your browser, you will end up with an inferior low resolution image not the actual image file I produced for you.  You must use the Download Arrow ↓ on the image to receive the high resolution file.

How to download an individual image?

If using a computer or laptop, click or mouse over the image and look for the download arrow ↓ at the bottom right corner of the image.  Click on the download arrow to save the file to your computer.

If using a phone or tablet device, tap on the image once and look for the download arrow ↓ at the bottom right corner of the image.  Tap on the download arrow.  (DO NOT tap and hold on the image.  If you tap and hold the image, you will not be downloading a high resolution image.  In fact, you will be copying a very low resolution internet browser image NOT the actual high resolution file that I produced for you.

If you do not see a download arrow ↓ on the image, please contact me ASAP!

How to download a gallery of images?

To download a gallery of images, open the gallery by clicking or tapping on it.  Look for the download all arrow ↓ at the top right corner of the gallery.  Click or tap on the download all arrow.  Enter your email address.  A SmugMug administrator will prepare a folder with all of your image files and send a download link to your email address within 10-15 minutes.  Click on that link and save the folder and files to your storage device.

If you have any difficulty downloading your images contact me ASAP!

How to Contact Abiding Light?

Call (904) 894-7686

Text a message to (904) 894-7686

Email us at

Send a Facebook message via

Send a direct Instagram message via

How to book a Wedding or Shoot with Abiding Light?

Contact us using any of the methods listed above and tell us:

(1) What type of photography service you need, Wedding, Model Portfolio, Outdoor Family, Senior etc and

(2) When you need it.

Unless we are at a shoot or meeting, we will get back to you immediately with availability and answers to any questions.

Hair and Makeup Resources

Kandee Johnson:

Lauren Curtis:

Michell Phan:


5 Things you should bring to every shoot

Translucent setting powder and brush

Blotting paper

Clear eyebrow gel

Extra eyelashes

Extra earrings

Understanding Retouching and the Retouching Process

Retouching means making adjustments or enhancements to the photo after the shoot in line with the mood and visual audience of the photo.  In other words, a portrait image that hangs in your home may require a different style of retouching compared to a pageant headshot that is published in a magazine or pageant website.

Retouching adjustments include removing blemishes, acne, stray hairs on the face, flyaway hairs, scars, small lines around the eyes, and so on.  Adjustments also include adding more lipstick, more highlights and shadows to the face, adding flyaway hairs, adding hair, adding eyelashes, and so on.  It also includes adjusting colors and exposure, matching the skin tone of the face with the arms or chest, and smoothing or roughening skin.  In some cases, upon request, it can also mean adjusting the size, length, or shape of body parts.

Retouching can also mean removing distracting elements or things from the photo or compositing several images together to make one.

Lastly, retouching is subjective and iterative.  In other words, since our interpretation of smooth or the color red, or some other element of the photo may differ, we sometimes need to start somewhere, review the image, give feedback, make further adjustments, and review the image again until we are satisfied with the final product.

More Helpful Resources Coming Soon!