Hi Everyone,

I retouched one image of each attendee.  I am willing to retouch one additional image for each attendee upon request.  If you would like me to retouch one of your images, follow Abiding Light on Instagram and message me the file number of the image.  I'll message you when the retouched image is ready for download. 

Images that have not been retouched are in the gallery below the retouched images.  Scroll through the raw images and chose one of your favorites.  Make a note of the file name and send it to me via Instagram.  Please do not use any of the raw images for promotion.  Allow me to retouch them first.

Download Instructions

Click on your image.  It will open up larger on your screen.  Click on the download arrow icon at the bottom right portion of the image.  Save to your storage device.


Abiding Light Photography


Retouched Images

Raw Untouched Photos - Not for Promotion - Use for Proofing Only