Our Mission:  Create Magazine Publishable Images for all of our Clients!

Abiding Light offers 3 lines of wedding coverage: Intimate, Traditional, and Extravagant.

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Our Intimate Wedding line is for couples that prefer Smaller Private Ceremonies but also want Professional Wedding Day Photographs for Keepsakes. The prices range from $995 to $1,395 and include 4 to 6 hours of coverage. Click on Intimate Weddings for detailed outlines of these 2 packages.

Our Traditional Wedding line is for couples that want everything you would expect from Full-day Wedding Coverage.  One package includes reception coverage and the other does not include reception coverage.  The prices range from $1,695 to $1,995 and include 8 to 12 hours of coverage.  Click on Traditional Weddings for detailed outlines of these 2 packages.

Our Extravagant Wedding line is for couples that want it all including Fashion Styled Portrait images and additional hours of coverage beyond the wedding day.  Some of these couples prefer to spend as much time with friends and family on their wedding day and shooting uniquely designed Mr and Mrs images on a separate day.  The prices range from $2,595 to $2,995.  Click on Extravagant Weddings for detailed outlines of these 2 packages.

Our Style of Coverage

In addition to capturing keepsake portraits of the bride, the groom, their families, and their friends, we like our images to tell stories about the wedding day like getting ready, walking down the aisle, and tossing the bouquet.

Our Approach to Lighting

We love shooting in good quality natural light. However, good quality natural light is not always available at every venue or throughout the entire wedding day. So, we use a number of light shaping tools like reflectors, scrims, flashes, strobes, soft-boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes and so on to appropriately light our clients for the prevailing lighting conditions.

Rest assured, we possess all the skills and tools to light our clients in a wide variety of lighting conditions, including dimly lit backyard receptions and overcast days when the light is soft but has no direction. If you prefer a specific style of lighting or your venue has lighting restrictions, please let us know your preferences.

Image Design Consultation and Timeline Development

One of the things we do differently from most wedding photographers is consult with our couples and help them design their wedding day images.

During our first meeting, we ask couples to bring some of their favorite wedding images. We also discuss their wedding theme, possible venue locations, color schemes, and other details. This way we get a good feel for the style of images they want us to capture, help them  chose the right package to meet their goals, and start developing a synchronized wedding day timeline to share with other vendors, immediate family members, and wedding party members.

The synchronized timeline is an invaluable asset for your wedding day, particularly if you don't have a day of coordinator.  It lowers everyone's stress and helps us anticipate and adjust to unforeseen events on your wedding day. 

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very important decision. Thanks for reviewing our work and considering our packages.   Call, text, E-mail, or message us on Facebook to schedule a consultation.

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Images from Our Weddings